Monday, September 22, 2003

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Friday, September 12, 2003

Mike Baird's Personal Web Presence; Morro Bay, CA, Cuba Info
Mike Baird's personal web presence
From Lynda Merrill 9-12-03
I've been watching the Snowy Plover at the Strand Beach (Azure to Cloisters) entrance twice a day since March. I've been curious about their habits. Yesterday, I noticed that after a man 'walked right through' a cluster of them that they immediately got up from their hiding places and ran into his 'foot prints'. So, I made a fresh line of deep prints in the sand, and sure enough they scurried (20 of them!) over into my new foot prints. (I made deep ones! so they could have a place to hide). It was really funny to look back and see a 'line of heads' peering out from my foot prints! There are 50 there now, up from only about 10 previous months) at the entrance to the Park at Azure and I couldn't understand why they would want to be there, where the people walk!! Now, I know. Didn't see the one with a band on its leg (one yellow one orange) that I've seen before as they mostly 'squat' down for cover so their little legs are out of sight. I've had so much fun observing them and also seeing other interesting shore birds. I saw the Plover babies that hatched in the spring. I kept seeing immatures and hoped that they had survived. Lynda